I would really like to thank all the teams and their supporters for attending this year’s All Native Basketball Tournament. We as a board work hard to provide a Tournament that allows all the communities to have a chance at being the Champions. With the removal of the Ringer Rule we see the teams evening out. It is great to see Village Pride coming back.

This Tournament is not about bringing player from all over North America. It’s about Village verses Village. I look at old photos of past Championship Teams and everyone on those Teams is from those Villages. We as a Board realize this is what keeps this Tournament strong. The fans support this huge event and over the years have paid the bills. We know some people would like to change that but we know it will be the start of the end of this Tournament. The All Native Basketball Tournament is also a huge Social and Cultural Event. It is our job as a Board to keep this Village interest strong.

I was very fortunate this past summer to take part as a support boat in the Canoe Journey. This trip also taught me more about Community Support. So in closing I would just like to say, I love this Tournament, and the people that attend. Thank you all for coming and enjoy YOUR TOURNAMENT.

Respectfully yours,


Peter Haugan-President